The Theory and Practice of Tsumego

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Here's a book about life and death with a difference. Rather than simply teaching by example, this book also strives to explain the fundamental principles of life and death problems, aiming to give the reader useful shortcuts and rules of thumb for solving problems. The Theory and Practice of Tsumego will help you to develop your intuition for vital points in life and death. If other books about life and death haven't suited you, this may be just the book you're looking for.

The Theory and Practice of Tsumego

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Book Description:

Unlike many Go books, which deal with problems of the life and death of groups, this book discloses the theory and philosophy behind the type of problem.

By using the theory of tsumego, Valery Shikshin teaches you how to look in the right direction for a correct solution; this will prevent you from making mistakes and, in the long run, it will save you a lot of time.

There are more than 300 tsumego problems and examples laid out in this book, emphasizing the rules behind killing and saving groups in the corners and on the sides, including tsumego involving seki and ko.

Valery Shikshin is an Honored Trainer of the Russian Federation for the mind sport of Go. In his career, spanning more than 25 years, Valery has helped to develop Russian and European champions including: Alexander Dinerchtein 3 pro, Svetlana Shikshina 3 pro, Ilya Shikshin 7 dan and Andrei Kulkov 6 dan.

This book is a valuable resource to Valery and other professional trainers when working with their students, and is a must for individuals learning Go without a teacher.

This book is Volume 1 of the Theory and Practice of Go series.

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Skill Level2: Intermediate
AuthorValery Shikshin
TranslatorSvetlana Shikshina, Shaun Cepla
SeriesTheory and Practice of Go
PublisherHinoki Press
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