The Theory and Practice of Shapes

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Shape is a fundamental area of Go technique that hasn't received as much attention in Western Go literature as it deserves. Strong players are able to develop their groups rapidly, while maintaining the connection between their stones. They also manage to create eye shape and settle their weak groups, even while running away. There are two sides to shape - creating good shape for your own groups and attacking the vital points of your opponent's groups. Learning about shape will improve your intuition for doing both and will help you to develop a much more powerful game.


Book Description:

Shape is one of the fundamental concepts of Go. If a shape is good, then the correlation between the stones is impossible to destroy, but if a shape is bad, then it is possible to destroy and, by doing so, inflict irreplaceable losses.

In this book, the author only examines shapes related to the middle game, which are shapes connected to fighting, including: atsumi shapes, sabaki shapes, semeai shapes, shapes related to connecting stones and others.

This book is Volume 3 of the Theory and Practice of Go series.

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Skill Level2: Intermediate
AuthorValery Shikshin
TranslatorSvetlana Shikshina, Shaun Cepla
SeriesTheory and Practice of Go
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