The Theory and Practice of Semeai

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Have you ever noticed how stronger players always tend to win capturing races by one liberty? Sometimes it's tempting to think that you were close to capturing their group, but the reality is that they probably knew the result in advance. Capturing races (semeai) can often seem intimidating. Trying to figure out what will happen by reading out each move is slow, difficult and prone to error. It's much better to make use of principles, counting techniques and rules of thumb to simplify your calculations and speed up your analysis. With this book, you'll become the player who wins capturing races by one liberty!


Book Description:

Semeai (capturing races) is one of the most difficult sections of Go technique for amateurs.

There are five types of semeai. This book provides a prepared formula and helps you to calculate all types of semeai.

In addition, it teaches you how to plan semeai, which answers the question: should you start a semeai or not?

This book is Volume 2 of the Theory and Practice of Go series.

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Skill Level2: Intermediate
AuthorValery Shikshin
TranslatorSvetlana Shikshina, Shaun Cepla
SeriesTheory and Practice of Go
PublisherHinoki Press
FormatPrinted book
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