The Theory and Practice of Analysis

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A skillful evaluation of the overall position on the board gives you the information you need to choose your strategy at critical points in the game. By understanding whether you're ahead or behind, and by how much, you'll be able to adapt to changing circumstances and ultimately win more games. Sounds good, right? The hard part is in being able to conduct this analysis accurately. This book will help you learn how to count and analyze the whole board situation at different stages, helping you to make better decisions throughout the game.


Book Description:

Game analysis starts with evaluating the balance of territory and influence.

A good evaluation performed in the fuseki, during fights in the middle game, or at the beginning of yose allows you to choose the right moves on your way to victory.

This is an integral part of a large-scale approach, covering the entire board, to complete an analysis of a position.

Keep in mind that it is absolutely necessary in a speed analysis to have the ability to make large-scale evaluations instinctively and then choose the right plan of action based on your experience and the scheme of the game analysis.

The purpose of this book is to help you acquire this ability.

This book is Volume 4 of the Theory and Practice of Go series.

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Skill Level2: Intermediate
AuthorValery Shikshin
TranslatorSvetlana Shikshina, Shaun Cepla
SeriesTheory and Practice of Go
PublisherHinoki Press
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