The Way of Creating a Thick and Strong Game

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Many Go players strive to always play the strongest move, balancing each game on a razor's edge. But razors are sharp and don't leave any room for error. Hane Naoki 9 dan has another approach. In this book he talks about his style of aiming to consistently play what he calls the '80% move'. In a collection of commentaries of his own games, Hane shows a solid and practical way of playing that you can apply to win more games.

The Way of Creating a Thick and Strong Game

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Book Description:

What in the world is thickness in go?! One hears the term bandied about as if it were a given. But what actually is meant by that word? And how can the concept of thickness be applied in one's own game?

Hane Naoki 9 dan, former Kisei, learned the value of playing with an awareness of thickness from his renowned father, Hane Yasumasa 9 dan, one of the most accomplished players of his generation. But what actually is thickness? And how is it best utilized? The author has a surprising answer. He does not necessarily see to use it to attack as many players do, nor to dominate an opponent. Instead, Hane says that thickness gives him leeway to play in a relaxed way, rather than go all-out, to be satisfied with a mere sufficient gain instead of a big windfall and to play moves that others might deem too mediocre to consider.

This book shows the keys to doing that successfully. Using positions from his actual games, including ones against his father while he was still an amateur and then again when he was on the verge of capturing the Kisei title, the most distinguished exploit in the go world, Hane highlights both the most significant strategic and tactical moments, while also pointing out fundamental truths about the game that one needs to master in order to play skillfully.

As material for this book I have taken games that I played during the period when I was studying to become a professional through those that I played when I won the Tengen title. elements of building thickness and the second best strategies slice right through them and as best as I am able, I have woven them together while touching upon the 'Heart of Go.' From the opening to the middle game, instead of looking for great profit, it has always been my style to single-mindedly aim for thickness in my game, stick to the second-best strategy and wait in anticipation of the thickness yielding results from the middlegame on, including the use of scattered stones that had been temporarily abandoned to steadily chip away at the opponent's territory.

— Hane Naoki 9 dan (author)

This book is Volume 5 of the Heart of Go Discovery Series.

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